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Soluzioni ABD su Repubblica

Solutions ABD on Repubblica
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In this section you can find our vertical solutions for some specific application sectors.

ADVANCED BARCODE DISTRIBUTION s.r.l. has twenty years of experience in the application of automatic identification and RFID solutions to different production companies, and over the years has developed specific skills in some fields such as, for example:

- food traceability

- environmental monitoring of greenhouses

- RFID solutions for warehouse logistics

- protection of "made in Italy" with anti-counterfeiting RFID tags

- industrial marking systems

- automatic application of labels on production lines

- anti-COVID19 interpersonal distancing systems for companies

- personalized printing of funeral ribbons, or for ceremonies, or for gift wrapping

For each solution presented there is both an information sheet that describes the operation of the system and the products (with any start-up KIT) to be purchased to implement the solution.

Our specialists are at your disposal, both by phone and with any onsite inspections, to help you adapt each solution to your specific business reality with any software integrations: do not hesitate to contact us!