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Printing supplies

In this section you will find the printing supplies: self-adhesive labels and ribbon tapes.

Self-adhesive labels (normally neutral/white) can be packaged in rolls or fanfolds.

The raw material is thermal paper for use in direct thermal printing (without ribbon tape) or "normal" paper (vellum) for thermal transfer printing (with ribbon tape), or special plastic materials for industrial applications where the label must withstand atmospheric or mechanical agents.

The ribbon tapes can be wax for the most common applications, wax/resin for greater strength, or resin for the most demanding industrial applications.

It is worth mentioning that direct thermal technology printers do not support the use of ribbon tape and therefore require thermal paper labels, while thermal transfer printers support the use of tape ribbon therefore can print both non-thermal labels (vellum, PVC, etc.) and thermal labels, for which the use of tape is not necessary.

ABD s.r.l. is a historic official distributor of Amor, the French leading European group in the production of Inkanto brand ribbons for thermal transfer printing with any brand of printer.

.ABD è partner Inkanto by Armor

Self-adhesive labels and ribbon tapes