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List of products by brand TSC

In TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd (TSC) we specialize in research and development, production and marketing of barcode printers. Since its foundation in 1991, TSC has sold more than 5 million barcode printers to customers worldwide active in the automatic identification market.

Our commitment to the quality of our products is recognized worldwide, both by the loyalty of our customers and by our network of partners, which has allowed us to establish our reputation as a global printer manufacturer. Whether office printers, industrial or portable barcode printers, their accessories and consumables, TSC products stand out for their intuitive design, constant operation and long service life. We are convinced that only with excellent quality and dedicated service will we gain lasting trust and recognition from our customers. Our dedication to the satisfaction and success of our customers is the basis of TSC's growth.

TSC has strong design expertise, extensive industry experience, the ability to provide comprehensive technical support and offer reasonably priced products; These are all elements that contribute to creating the value of TSC products. The passion for what we do and the desire to innovate uninterruptedly lead us to make continuous progress. From its headquarters in Taiwan, TSC serves the whole world. We are proud to offer our automatic identification systems, which are a source of pride for Taiwan, to the world market.

TSC has always strived to constantly innovate to provide the market with excellent quality products and will continue to do so. It's not easy, but working with partners around the world, combined with TSC 's commitment to quality and service, leads us to ensure that TSC will remain one of the leading trusted brands for customers in every country.