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ABD, Auto-ID specialists

Our company

ABD has a twenty-year history in the field of Automatic Identification.

Our company was among the first to specialize in the Italian market of printing and reading of barcodes, RFID systems, and consumables for label printing in industry and distribution.

Our technical expertise and experience make us an ideal point of reference for Industry 4.0 solutions and for all applications of Automatic Identification (AIDC) technologies such as:

- printing of thermal and thermal transfer labels
- barcode reading in a fixed location and / or on the move
- collection of production data and inventories
- RFID industrial applications
- data collection and traceability in the food and fruit and vegetable sectors

Our team


RF-ID Radio Frequency Identification

ABD Distribution s.r.l. creates 360° solutions: hardware, software, tags and consumables available in stock 24H. Highly qualified staff develops I4.0 projects from food traceability to anti-counterfeiting of "made in Italy", from warehouse logistics to monitoring of goods deliveries.

Green RF-ID Integrated Solutions for greenhouses

ABD srl manufactures advanced monitoring and control systems for the microclimatic conditions of greenhouses. Optimal solutions to maximize crop yield, with temperature, brightness and humidity monitoring.


ABD srl offers food coding and marking solutions that comply with all European directives.