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Terms of sale


1.1 The supply contract is stipulated by order confirmation by ADVANCED BARCODE DISTRIBUTION S.r.l. (hereinafter ABD S.r.l.).

1.2 The order is usually placed by the Customer on the basis of the offer of ABD s.r.l. and/or entered online by the Customer on this website.

1.3 ABD s.r.l. has the right to confirm the Customer's order within 3 days of receipt of the order.

1.4 In case of non-confirmation ABD s.r.l. will send the Customer a notice of non-acceptance of the order, and will reimburse the Customer 

any advance payments received within 3 working days without anything being due by ABD S.r.l. for non-acceptance of the order.


2.1 The supplies include only the products (machinery, spare parts, accessories or consumables, software, and any maintenance contract) expressly specified in the order confirmation of ABD s.r.l. or, in the absence of the latter, in the offer.

2.2  Supplies  are  governed  by  these  general  conditions and      any conditions  

special contained in the order confirmation, except for exceptions or additional conditions resulting from explicit written agreement.

2.3 Any behavior, even repeated, of one of the two parties that does not comply with one of the conditions referred to in °2.2 shall in no way prejudice the right of the other to demand, at any time, the application of the same.


3.1 The prices of the supplies  shall  be  understood as those  specified  in the order  confirmation  (or, in the absence  thereof, in the  offer)  and do not include  services, charges, taxes,   duties  or rights not expressly  mentioned in  the same.   

3.2 Prices are subject to change, without notice

3.3 Packaging, even if invoiced at cost, is not received return.


4.1 The payment of the supply must be made to the domicile of ABD s.r.l. in the form specified in the confirmation, remaining at the expense of the Customer the risk of transmission of the sums, whatever the means chosen.

4.2 In the case of partial deliveries, payment is pro-rata.

4.3 For no reason, title or cause, even in the event of delays in the delivery of materials or disputes of any kind, the Customer may defer payments beyond the agreed deadlines.

4.4 Any delay in payment automatically puts the Customer in the obligation to pay commercial interest to the extent of the official rate, as established by Legislative Decree 9/10/2002 n.231, without this implying any right for the Customer to defer payments

Same. No further orders will be processed until the full payment of overdue invoices has been settled.


5.1 Invoices of ABD s.r.l. not contested by the Customer by registered letter within 15 days of receipt are considered accepted.

5.2 The Customer's delay in paying invoices or instalments of the agreed price, even if

refers to partially processed orders or split deliveries, entails the right for ABD S.r.l. to cancel the order and suspend subsequent deliveries.

5.3 If the payment of an  advance  has  been  agreed  in the   payment  conditions      

of the order, ABD s.r.l. has the right not to execute the contract and to suspend the execution of other supplies that may be in progress with the Customer, until receipt of the advance.

5.4 If the Principal is no longer in a position due to changes in its financial condition

able to ensure the current fulfillment of the commitments undertaken and so in the event of bankruptcy proceedings or sale or liquidation of the company, ABD s.r.l. may suspend   the execution    of the supply at any time pursuant to Article 1461 of the Civil Code or may terminate the contract by simple written communication. 

5.5 In any case, ABD s.r.l. is without prejudice to the possibility of compensation for greater damages.


6.1  No  responsibility   can  be  attributed  to  ABD s.r.l. for the delay in deliveries in the event of strikes, fires, picketing or other circumstances beyond its control that prevent, reduce or delay the production activity. 

6.2 In such cases, the delivery period may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties, taking into account the residual interest in the supply.

6.3  The Customer  is required  to  compensate damages  resulting  from delays  in the collection of supplies  from the  warehouses of  ABD s.r.l. or from  another place that may be  agreed.

6.4 The preparation period is usually established by ABD s.r.l. at the time of order   confirmation is calculated in working days. It starts from the day of the agreement on every detail of the supply contract, or, if the payment of an installment to the order has been agreed, from the payment itself.

6.5 ABD s.r.l. has the right to extend the preparation period if the Customer does not fulfill the contractual obligations and in particular if:

- fails to make timely payments;

- does not provide in good time the data necessary for the execution of the supply;

- does not give prompt approval of the drawings and executive schemes;

- does not supply any materials supplied in good time;

- requires variations during construction;

- difficulties arise beyond the will and diligence of ABD s.r.l., including  delays  by subcontractors.

6.6 Delivery is considered made when the goods are taken over by the

forwarder or other carrier. The goods are the property of ABD s.r.l. until the full price is paid.


7.1 The conditions applicable to shipments and returns are described in the appropriate section "Shipments and Returns in this store.


8.1 ABD S.r.l. guarantees  its machinery  for a period of 12 months from delivery, unless otherwise agreed and undertakes, during this period, to repair or replace defective parts free of charge , provided that the defect  is due  to defects  in  design,     materials  or   workmanship  and  provided  that  it is  reported to   ABD s.r.l. by  registered  letter  within  the peremptory  term  of 8 days  from  its discovery. Under no circumstances can the consequences   of normal wear and tear of machinery and spare parts resulting from their use be considered  defects or defects.

8.2  In  case  of  warranty  intervention    ,  defective  parts  must  be  returned  and  taken  "ex warehouse"   ABD s.r.l..   In  the case  of warranty  intervention    at   the Customer, repair  labor  and replacement  of spare parts are  free of charge , while ABD s.r.l. will invoice the travel and travel expenses of  its staff to the  Customer ,     as well as any idle waiting times or non-activity for reasons beyond  the control of ABD s.r.l..

8.3 The warranty does not apply and cannot be invoked if the Customer:

- makes changes to the products without authorization  from ABD s.r.l.;

- performs or has repairs carried out by personnel not authorized by ABD s.r.l.;

- does not make payments within the agreed terms;

- use the products without observing the instructions of the relevant manuals;

- uses consumables and spare parts not original ABD s.r.l.;

8.4 Furthermore, the guarantee does not apply and cannot be invoked if:

- the plant intended to integrate with the product ABD s.r.l. does not have the necessary protections for operation  according to  current   regulations  or  is  located  elsewhere    without  the written consent of ABD s.r.l..  


9.1 The installation at the Customer will be invoiced  according to the rates of ABD s.r.l. in force  on the date of the service, unless otherwise  agreed in writing. If the  installation , where agreed, should not take place, for  reasons  not  attributable  to   ABD s.r.l.   within  30  days  from   the invoice date ,        The product  will be considered installed and functioning  for all purposes from the date of delivery

9.2 Installation  means the sole installation of the product  ABD s.r.l. on a plant  or on a

line prepared  to receive it;  any  adaptations, modifications,   arrangements of the system  or line  to make the integration  compatible  with the products ABD s.r.l. are made by and at the expense of the customer.


The Customer  undertakes to:

a) prepare  a suitable place for the installation  of the products, with suitable  space to allow access  to them,   according  to  the  specifications  established  by  ABD s.r.l..   The  premises  must meet  the requirements required by law for the protection of workers.  These conditions  must   be maintained  for the  entire duration of use of the products;

(b) prepare the electrical  system  for  each  product  (machine)   with  a separate ground  line  ; 

responding  to the rules in force  and in general  to  all  the   rules   and principles  (also  in    terms  of safety and   accident prevention). 

c) Inform  the staff  ABD s.r.l. of any  specific  risks  present  at the installation site   and provide the necessary protective equipment 

d) allow  ABD staff  s.r.l. free and unconditional  access to the machines during normal working hours, for as long as necessary for the maintenance and / or corrective performance  required, even beyond normal working hours;

e) provide ABD S.r.l. staff with all the necessary assistance and consumables;

f) designate the operator or operators who will have to take care of the proper functioning  of the machines  and make them  available  for  their  training  by  ABD s.r.l.;    it will be  the responsibility of the Customer  to ensure that the operators are correctly  trained in the use of the machines;

g) use the products properly  and in any case in compliance with the rules and indications of ABD s.r.l.;


11.1 The liability  of ABD s.r.l. is limited only to the equipment supplied by it; Under no circumstances shall it be responsible for the plant  or line in which its products may be  integrated, nor for the resulting production . Furthermore, the Customer  expressly  exempts ABD s.r.l. from any and all liability  for injuries to persons and / or things deriving from the use of the products.

11.2 The information  provided by ABD s.r.l., directly  or through catalogs, photographs or other means, is only indicative and can in no case entail  the responsibility  of ABD s.r.l. about the choice  of products,  their use  or the results  obtained.  It is the responsibility  of the Customer  to verify  the performance and quality of the marking  through printing samples and confirm  to ABD s.r.l. the samples themselves. ABD s.r.l. cannot be held responsible in any way:

- in  case   of use  of the  machines  and  their  inks  on   media  other than   those

presented   to   ABD s.r.l.,    or   that   are    different   in    chemical   composition    and    application process;   

- in the event  that the Customer  complains  of deficiencies  in performance  and / or  quality of marking  that

He could have identified in due course with proper control in his care.

11.3 The Customer  expressly  exempts ABD s.r.l. from any liability  for damages and injuries to persons and / or things deriving from failure to comply with the provisions of Article 10 above.

11.4 The Customer  may in no case claim compensation  for any damage suffered as a result  of machine downtime.

11.5  In  case  of  damage  to the products resulting  from  interventions  by  its  personnel,  ABD s.r.l. is  required exclusively to repair the products  themselves. 

11.6 No  responsibility  can be attributed  to ABD s.r.l. for the delay in the execution of maintenance  and / or corrective  interventions in the event of strikes, fires, picketing  or other circumstances  beyond its control that prevent,  reduce or delay the production activity.

11.7 In such cases, the deadline for performance  may be extended  by mutual agreement between the parties, taking into account the residual interest  in the performance.

11.8  In  order   not  to   jeopardise the efficiency   and   proper  functioning    of  the machinery, the   

Customer, as required by the previous  article 10.1, sub h), must use original products ABD s.r.l., assuming, otherwise,  the burden of any  damage caused to the machines.


12.1 The Customer  undertakes not to use, for reasons other than those provided for in the contract, the drawings, technical  information  and findings  relating to the supply,  all of which remain  the exclusive property of ABD s.r.l..

12.2  The Customer    undertakes   not  to reproduce  or transmit   to third parties  the technical  data  and  not to   apply for patents or  signs of industrial property rights on them.

12.3 The Customer  undertakes not to produce  or have produced  by third parties, machinery  or parts of these using the technical data of Markem-Imaje s.r.l..

12.4  In  case  of  interruption   of the order,    the expenses  for  the   works  already  completed   or  in  progress of 

completion will be charged to the Customer,  unless otherwise agreed.

12.5 Markem-Imaje s.r.l. reserves the right to make  any structural  and functional changes  to its products at any time that it deems convenient.


  Any agreement derogating from  these  conditions  of supply  must be in  writing; Any      verbal    agreement    with  agents, distributors,      officers    of  ABD S.r.l. not ratified in writing by the same is ineffective.    


14.1 The contract is governed in any case by Italian law .

14.2 For anything  not provided for  in this  contract , the rules  of the Civil  Code  on sales apply .

14.3 In the event of a dispute , Italian jurisdiction exists  and the Court of Turin has exclusive  jurisdiction  .