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    abd innovations is the identifying mark of a new line of proprietary products, carefully chosen and tested by ABD, which stand out by bringing something different and innovative to the market: new technologies, or existing technologies declined in new form factors (typically small), or new products with a value for money more advantageous than those already on the market.

  • Athesi


    Founded in 2005, ATHESI is a French company based in Bry Sur Marne (94), composed of a team of experts, active since 1990 in the market of automatic identification and professional mobility. its activity being importer and representative of Asian producers not present on the territory French.

  • Avery Dennison

    Avery Dennison

    Avery Dennison is an American multinational company world leader in the production of adhesive materials, labels and marking systems.

    In the 70s it started the production of manual pricing machines under the Monarch brand, which was followed by the production of labeling printers with the printer Solutions division.

  • Datalogic


    Datalogic S.p.A. is an Italian company that operates worldwide in the fields of automatic data acquisition and process automation.

    The group specializes in the design and manufacture of barcode readers, mobile computers, RFID, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision systems and laser marking. The Datalogic solutions are aimed at the sectors of Large Distribution, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

  • ELA


    ELA Innovation is headquartered in Montpellier, in the south of France. The company is a limited liability company with a board of directors.

    Founded in 2000, ELA Innovation designed, developed and patented its SCIEL® solution for long-range wireless identification technology.

  • Epson


    Seiko Epson Corporation Epson is a Japanese consumer electronics company that produces printers (inkjet and laser), image scanners, clocks (through Seiko), personal computers, projectors, home theaters, robots, cash registers, laptops, integrated circuits and LCD components.

  • Evolis


    World leader in the instant printing of ID cards.

  • Hamlet


    Hamlet is a Brand Leader in providing solutions for Connectivity and Networking. Hamlet products can be distinguished for their High Tech Performances and reliability.

    Besides its traditional product range, which includes analog modems, ISDN, ADSL, PCMCIA cards and networking solutions, Hamlet is now able to offer new consumer products such as Recordable CD, DVD, stand-alone DVD player, USB Pen drives and other accessories trade marked Exagerate by Hamlet.

  • Honeywell


    Honeywell is one of the most important US multinational companies, operating in various sectors, including control and automation in the industrial or domestic sector, components for the aeronautical and automotive sectors, special high-performance materials (fluorocarbons, special films, high-performance fibers, reagents and laboratory chemicals, high purity electronic materials).

    For some years it has been a global leader in the AIDC sector following the acquisition of the prestigious Intermec and Datamax brands.

  • HPRT


    HPRT is one of the world's leading suppliers specializing in the design and manufacture of POS printers, mobile printers and label printers. The HPRT product can always meet the demands of the rapidly changing market as we have an innovative and experienced R&D team.



    IDPRT is a new brand of Xiamen Hanin Electric Technology Co., Ltd born in 2015, and specialized in the research and development, production and sale of hardware and software solutions for automatic identification and data collection application (AIDC), especially barcode printers, barcode scanners, card printers, PDAs, RFID barcode printers, etc.

  • Inkanto (Armor)

    Inkanto (Armor)

    Inkanto is a brand of the French Armor Group, a global leader in the production of carbographic films, films for batteries and solar panels, ink cartridges, etc.,

    In the field of tapes ribbon Armor has held a leadership position for many years thanks to the quality of the materials, equipped with numerous quality certifications, and to the continuous innovation resulting from huge investments in R&D.

  • Minew


    Founded in 2007, Minew has focused on the IoT field for over a decade and has always kept up with customer demands.

    By providing smart devices and IoT solutions, our mission is to improve people's lives, jobs and businesses.

    This is achieved by connecting our products to users' smart devices and target objects in a Wi-Fi space, with Bluetooth functions enabled. So people can position, find, track, receive messages, check the status of target objects.

  • Novexx


    You probably know how difficult it can be to decide between two contradictory alternatives. Let's take the selection of a future business partner as an example. Do you choose a company with 50 years of experience and market knowledge? Or a partner who is conquering the market with the fresh energy of a new player? With NOVEXX Solutions you don't have to choose from each other: you can have both.

  • PiPo Technology

    PiPo Technology

    pipo technology is a Taiwanese corporation, based in Shenzhen, specializing in OEM/ODM manufacturing service. The main activities are the activities related to tablets and tablet PCs, with a vast portfolio of versatile devices for commercial and industrial use:

  • Primera


    Primera is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty printing equipment, including color label printers, label applicators, disc publishers, edible ink printers, and slide and cassette printers.

  • Toshiba TEC

    Toshiba TEC

    Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational company, among the top hundred in the world by turnover, which produces fixed and mobile technical infrastructure, high-tech electronic devices, consumer products and, together with Westinghouse Electric Company, nuclear reactors.

    The Tokyo-based company was founded in 1875 by Tanaka Hisashige, as Tanaka Engineering Works Co., Ltd. The current name of the company was obtained after the merger with another Japanese company, Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K. in 1939, and made official only in 1978 in Toshiba (contraction of Tokyo-Shibaura).

  • TSC


    In TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd (TSC) we specialize in research and development, production and marketing of barcode printers. Since its foundation in 1991, TSC has sold more than 5 million barcode printers to customers worldwide active in the automatic identification market.

  • Zebra


    Zebra Technologies is an American multinational company with direct presence in over 80 countries, and has held the position of undisputed leader in the barcode printing and reading market for years and RFID systems.

    In 1998, Zebra Technologies merged with Eltron International. In October 2014, Zebra Technologies acquired Motorola Solutions' Enterprise business, which included Symbol Technologies, in a transaction for $3.45 billion in cash.