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ADVANCED BARCODE DISTRIBUTION s.r.l. has developed an innovative system for monitoring the microclimatic conditions of farms and greenhouses, which allows you to continuously monitor the three fundamental parameters: temperature, brightness and humidity.

The system, completely digital of new generation, is based on TEMP IN WMS technology and consists of a network of RFID sensors that can be positioned anywhere, not having the need for wiring, which transmit Bluetooth technology to detectors, which collect data in the field in real time.

The collected data flow into a special software (to be created by the customer with our support) that performs continuous monitoring of microclimatic conditions and stores all the surveys for any subsequent statistical processing.

The system uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology that allows an exceptional battery life of the sensors, up to 20 years!
Being a completely digital and wireless solution, it is easy to install, has very low costs compared to other technologies and at the same time is absolutely reliable, guaranteeing the farmer rapid returns on investment.

The installations already completed have amply demonstrated the effectiveness and validity of this solution.

Our specialists are at your disposal to deepen, without obligation, the advantages of this technology and the possibilities of use, do not hesitate to contact us!


Download here the brochure of the ABD FARM MANAGEMENT solution in Italian (PDF)