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ABD s.r.l. has developed over the years a significant know-how in the printing of floral ribbons for funeral events, ceremonies and events of various kinds, and can offer a complete printing solution consisting of the ABD-NET04 printer, tested specifically for these applications, combined with a selection of special ribbon ribbons (gold or silver) and a wide range of colored ribbons for floral bands with CLEOPATRA type Greek or ATHENIS.

Ribbons for funeral ceremonies

The correct combination between the ribbon material and the ribbon is the key to a quality print, and on this ABD s.r.l. can guarantee a specific experience gained over the years, to guarantee the customer's investment.

Soluzione di stampa nastri ABD

The ABD printing solution for ceremony ribbons

The new IT4X printer (ABD-NET04) has been chosen and tested specifically by ABD s.r.l. to print on polypropylene ceremonial ribbons because it meets all the requirements for this type of application: high RAM memory for printing bands with very long texts (over 2 meters) and very large characters vertically, Excellent print quality with special gold or silver ribbons, printing speed and ease of use.

The printer is already equipped with the CD with the free software for the realization and printing of the bands, easy to use, which allows you to choose the style and size of the font to be printed in a similar way to Microsoft Word: anyone with a minimum of familiarity in the use of a computer will therefore be able to print from the first use!

La nuova stampante ABD-NET04
The new ABD printer -NET04

ABD s.r.l. maintains a stock of ceremonial ribbons and special gold and silver ribbon selected for printing with these materials, in order to guarantee the customer fast delivery times in case of exhaustion of stocks.

The stock ABD of belts ready for delivery